5 Things It Takes To Launch A Successful Mobile App

As mobile devices like smartphones and tablets invade the human life, a new market is emerging with an aim to “dress” these devices with applications or “apps” to customize and enhance their utility. There are many who have dared to undertake and create their own applications, but there are many who still believe that to realize their idea of having the “perfect app”, they need a lot of experience or “push”.
Here are 5 things it takes to launch a successful mobile app.Mobile Apps Development

1. Have A Clear Idea
It is important to begin the process of designing an app with a clear idea of its functionality. Among the aspects to be considered are a good, original and attractive idea and its successful implementation without mistakes. It is also important to investigate what’s already in the market as people are looking for an unexplored niche.

2. Knowing The Device
One of the key aspects of developing an app is to know the hardware and software platform of the mobile device. The main difference from the development of desktop applications is that the mobile devices have limited resources than the PC desktop. There is less memory, less storage place, less processing power etc. Therefore there is a need of a well optimized design. The biggest challenge for programmers is to learn many development platforms.

3. Choose The Platform The mobile application can be made for iOS and Android operating systems. CodigoDelSur, for example, develops applications for the iOS platform that runs on iPhone , iPod touch and iPad . It uses the Objective “C” programming language, which is specific to that platform.

The main differences are in the elements with which programmers work, for example iOS is much more stable operating system because the memory usage is better worked.

It is much easier to publish or upload applications to the Android Market, as it passes through fewer revisions while the opposite happens with Apple where one has to get the application go through a series of revisions that may be protested or be impermissible.

If you want to develop applications for the iPhone or iPad, you need to have an Apple computer. The process of developing apps for iPhone or iPad is not simple, since Apple has strict guidelines for quality and acceptance. Many apps are rejected daily because they do not meet the guidelines of the company.

4. Designing a friendly interface.Experts say that the interface of the app is one of the most important elements of the software and the application must be “visually pleasing”. The friendliness of the interface would include displaying the results with the minimum amount of clicks or touches, being intuitive and do care of the fact that the users often have very little time.

5. Create A Marketing StrategyOnce an app has been accepted in a store, it clears the way for users to purchase, download and use. There are several sites that send the application for review and if an application is worth mentioning, it could receive a good review, like what the iLiving App review is and make more people buy it.

Marketing is a part of the process that is often not paid much attention to. In general there is a belief that with a good idea, an application can survive on its own and be successful. However this is far from reality today. With hundreds and thousands of apps in the market, having a good application is not enough, you have to make it known too!

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