About Us

about seo consultancy serviceSEO Consultancy Service was started to capitalize on digital technology allowing access to the vast resources in the global marketplace. With the advent of digital technology and the growth of the internet, sending large amounts of data anywhere in the world (and back again) is now not only possible, but economical and essentially instantaneous. Along with increased communication it has provided access to the larger pool of educated high quality workforce in countries like India, Philippines, Korea, and China. Utilization of resources in these countries allows improve productivity and lower costs.

Our Business Management Team

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Our Business Process Outsourcing Solutions

From being an organization offering only medical transcription, we have rapidly developed in to offering many other back office services in several industries These new services moved the company to a SOLUTIONS approach; offering clients multiple options to solve their unique challenges. Headquartered in Tulsa Oklahoma, We provides Business Process Outsourcing Solutions when it becomes advantageous to our clients to (1) outsource a particular function as opposed to doing it in-house and/or (2) perform the function through state of the art technology and more economical resources available overseas and in USA. We utilization of global contacts and service resources provides a value added service to our clients; increasing cash flow and improving their bottom line.

Specialized Services Offered By Us

Presently We provides Software Development, Web Application Development, Desktop application Development, Mobile Application Development, medical transcription, business transcription, media transcription, legal transcription, general transcription, medical billing with emphasis on old AR collections, healthcare staffing, website designing, animation and search engine optimization, outsourced positions, and document conversion. We are also providing back office services which include but not limited to payroll and accounting functions like accounts payable, general ledger, cash posting, etc.. Growth over the past few years has helped us to establish our reach across the country and the world. We provide businesses with cost effective solutions, maintain or improve quality of service and help them grow.