Business Partnerships

seo outsourcing partner companyOutsourcing Business Processes is a high growth industry expected to grow from 17.2 billion per year to 48 billion per year by 2008. In this area our expertise is “outsourcing” and our product is SEO Consultancy Service. As the book “The world is flat (Thomas. L. Friedman)” specifies; it is a global economy and people who know how important it is, have an edge over the rest. It is not about outsourcing, it is about globalization.” It is happening and is very much at an early stage.

SEO Consultancy Service in 2005 has grown 300% and strongly believes that increasing our reach and generating market penetration will help us to continue strong growth. We are looking to develop business relationships which will be beneficial to both parties. We have an array of products that are completely managed by us. We are interested in talking to parties who are already calling on healthcare, legal and other business entities and would like to add more products/services to your product line and grow with us. We are interested primarily in long term relationships with established businesses.

We are presently promoting outsourced services of Software Development Web Desktop & Mobile application Development medical transcription, legal transcription, legal coding, business transcription, media transcription, medical billing, accounts receivable collections, tele-radiology, website designing, search engine optimization, Software development, forms processing, staffing, outsourced staffing, document conversion, accounting and other back office services.

Value added reseller (VAR)

As the name suggests we are also looking for value added resellers who already have a client base and have solid financial background.

Business Associations

We are also looking to associate ourselves with like minded businesses who are interested in working on a mutually agreeable relationship and promoting each other. If you are already involved with the sectors that we are involved in we would like to talk to you. Please contact us using the form below.

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