Flash Flex Development

Flex/Flash Development is widely used for creating Intellectual and Reactive Website/Application.

Flex/Flash development is found to be a framework of Adobe, which is used extensively by worldwide web developers to develop websites and web applications, which can communicate with its users. Our company SEOCS is an offshore Flex development enterprise in India, which provides its customers with solutions such as end-to–end Flash development or Flex development. If you are not happy with your website’s presentation, and need an entire refurbish, or to add new communicating structures to your website, you can search worldwide and your hunt to find a good web developing firm stops at SEOCS.

Salient Features of Flex/Flash development

Since its origin in 2004, Adobe is found to be modernising Flash/Flex versions at fixed gaps. Flex is found to be an open source and highly designer friendly web application platform, which helps its developers to generate vibrant, communicative websites/applications which can understand its users and respond to them in an intellectual way. We use the striking features of the Flex/Flash development platform and offer you an advanced, highly inventive web solution which takes your business to profit in a highly proficient manner. Some salient features of our Flex web applications are as follows:

  • High grade of compatibility in cross-browser and cross- platforms
  • Unified incorporation of audio, video and cartoon clips together with relevant graphics to create a website that has good client-website communication tools.
  • Design, incorporation and reuse of modules, gives more scalability to customer’s websites and any change that occurs in future can be easily added into it.
  • Need less coding and simultaneously house more features, which in turn decreases upkeep of applications
  • Flex has a feature called “no refresh”, which can increase the speed of application processing, to give a trouble-free experience to its users.
  • Flex development provides firmness to web applications, to make it highly survivable during heavy internet traffic as many users use it simultaneously throughout the world.
  • It offers stylish multimedia effects, and increases the look of website/applications to attract more customers.
  • Flash-Flex has the ability to work together with JavaScript and Ajax on customer side and PHP,.NET and Java on Server side to provide a  high compatibility to your Internet Applications, which in turn is much better than the RIAs developed on other platforms

Scope of our Flex Development or Flash Development Services

Our company has well experienced Flex developers who have vast years of work experience in Flex web application development, and due to their experience, they can understand the complexities of RIA development platform and use them in proper way  to develop and deliver high international quality  web development solutions as cited below:

  • Highly communicative and intellectual E-commerce portals /purchasing carts, web trading and e-learning websites
  • Traditional Flex website development services
  • Creation and development of custom CRM and CMS solutions for good effective web trading management.
  • Use of Rich Internet Application development to improve the presentation of websites
  • Development of flex module and incorporation services

You are welcome to fully contract your Flash/Flex development needs to us or you can hire our Flex developers who are available at our ODC, who can help you to get excellent Flex/Flash based services, which are found to be much better than those services provided by other leaders in this field.

In India, you can get the high quality technical services of our Flex/Flash developers at much cheaper rates, which in turn decreases the cost of Flex/Flash development services and guarantees you an exceptional website or applications which take your business much better than your fellow companies.