HTML Development


  • If we say that an Internet is a backbone of information sharing worldwide, then we must say that HTML is the mechanism of displaying this information in well structured manner.
  • HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and is the basic, powerful and primary needs/requirement of representing any of your information streamed through Internet: from server to client.
  • HTML is the standard language and is integrated in each and every available internet browser today. Today HTML is so versatile and powerful that we can manage to represent any kind of information/ information hierarchy in a page and can let user to be interactive with server.
  • HTML is basically a TAG-based language, and is going to be parsed / interpreted by the browser engine line by line and renders the whole response as a term of page from the server to client side.

HTML Development at Perception

We are at Perception, as for our HTML Development Unit, we are involved and responsible for developing/designing the outstanding HTML contents of various pages related to various projects. Our HTML development strategy reflects/involves the following points always in design:

  • Clean Code Strategy & Indentation
    We at Perception not only believe in just to achieve deliverables within due date, but also believe in quality based approach to achieve these.

    Each and every web project coming across to Perception is having clean and clear code strategy.

    The HTMLization of each of the page is compulsory following clean code strategy in terms of proper indentation for [HTML Tags + Server Script (i.e. PHP, Perl/CGI, Python, ROR etc.) Tags] and clean writings in terms of removals of extra/commented sections plus putting guidance one-liner comments for particular sections if required within pages.

  • Template Design (PSD) to HTML
    As a part of the Perception, we believe in delivering professional solution to each of our client, and for that our approach is fixed and stepwise. Our designing team first goes in a detailed mockup with our loyal clients for finalizing the site layout and design.

    Once the design is finalized, our designing team members design the whole site layout as well as other inner pages (if required) layout for the project.

    As per needs and natures we are going to use either or both of the way to code the above mentioned template design in to HTML.

    • Manual Approach:
      Here we manually write/markups various sections/divisions of the template design using various HTML tags (like: Table, Div, iFrame, Span, Input etc.) and also manually specify CSS classes for each of these sections/divisions if required.
    • Slicing Template:
      As for our designing team members, we are using the most used/useful and very powerful as well as well-known Photo/Image Editor: Adobe Photoshop. Our each of the member is skilled in using this in any mode.
    • Slicing:
      Here Instead of writing the manual markups, our skilled designing members utilizes the amazing feature of the Photoshop known as: Slicing. The slicing makes it easier the half of the work, as it completely convert/export the existing web-design in to proper HTML.
  • SEO Consideration
    Our HTML Development team also takes care of putting flexibility of SEO feature in the HTML pages, so the SEO job for each of these pages becomes easy for our SEO department.

    The HTML development team members sit together with the SEO members and devise the meta-tag information for each of the project page and write/mention them in pages for the SEO purpose.

  • Web Standard Compliant
    The HTML Development at Perception, not only being a job of completion in terms of coding Tags and Markups, but we also believe in delivering the best as well as in the form that the whole world accepts/approves it.

    We are at Perception expert in providing Web Standard based design, which complaints the following Web Standards.

    • Markup Validator (HTML, XHTML)
    • CSS Validator
    • mobileOK Checker.
    • Feed checker (RSS, Atom)