Internet Applications Development

The advent of web application development platforms like Adobe Flex and Silverlight has completely transformed the RIA development industry. In present times, Rich Internet Application development plays a crucial role in web development arena. It empowers developers to create highly responsive websites and applications, which interact with the end users to give them delightful experience.

Seocs understands the importance of RIA in web development and offers comprehensive offshore Rich Internet application development services from its ODC in India. It employs expert RIA developers, who proficiently use RIA development platforms like Adobe Flex and Microsoft Silverlight to create RIAs that impress their end users with their ingenious and lively features. Our developers bring to your website/web portals, the following benefits of the Rich Internet Applications (RIAs):

  • High degree of inter browser compatibility so that your clients/customers can easily access your web applications, across technologically different platforms
  • Bring in scalability in you website/application so that you can easily adjust your web portals to accommodate future business changes
  • RIA applications are robust by nature and easily withstand concurrent global usage, without causing the website to crash. In other words they provide your web portal high degree of stability
  • RIA web development is under constant innovation; hence you enjoy latest features in you web portal that augment your personal of business growth
  • The “no refresh” feature of the RIA allows your website/application to quickly react to visitor queries


Scope of RIA Development @ Seocs

Seocs is a professional Rich Internet Application development company and offers following Rich Internet Application development services:

  • Develop interactive and intelligent online shopping carts so that your customers, located across the globe, can easily can click through to shop, hosted products /services of their choice
  • Custom development of social media applications and their integration in the website so that end users can link up with the near and dear ones at a click of button
  • E-learning websites for interactive distance education
  • Online trading portals that easily handle concurrent usage without collapsing under heavy traffic
  • Online gaming sites that require 3D animation and rich graphics, which are well supported by RIA technology

Our RIA developers use the latest versions of Adobe Flex and Microsoft Silverlight technology to craft interactive applications that add value to your website and make your visitors addicted to it. They keep coming back to it and also spread good word about it on the net, which in turn creates a viral effect. After some time your site starts to register exponential rise in numbers of visitor hits.

Our offshore Rich Internet application development center provides your business the leverage in following ways:

  • Reduces your Rich Internet Application development costs by 40 to 50%
  • You get perfect RIA solutions for your business/personal use
  • You can hire RIA developer or developers of your choice according to your project requirement and budget
  • By outsourcing your Rich Internet Application development you can concentrate more on enhancing the competency of your core business and increase your ROI