Mobile Solution

SEO Consultancy Service understands the unique requirements of mobile users. That’s why we have taken every effort to design and implement user-centric applications that make the best possible use of mobile devices. Through our competency in mobile application development, we focus on delivering value added services and on-time delivery to meet a wide range of requirements. Our solutions are designed to enable your business processes continue uninterruptedly, irrespective of where you are located.

Mobile Application Development Services

We deliver custom mobile application development services that give your business a definitive edge.

  • We excel in providing mobile applications that suit your specifications
  • We have all the latest web technologies, tools, and supportive platforms to ensure customized mobile application development
  • We focus on developing mobile web applications for banking, medical, advertising, entertainment, social networking, enterprise, and mobility domains
  • We ensure timely delivery of apps

Mobile Platforms That We Support

We have a team of experts who can develop mobile phone applications and software for mobile platforms including:

  • Windows Mobile
  • BlackBerry
  • iPAD
  • Apple iPhone
  • Palm OS
  • Android
  • Symbian, and more

Whichever platform you choose, we can convert your vision into mobile technology. Your applications come with latest features for greater user experience.

Our Expertise

  • Games design and development (based on J2ME or Brew OS)
  • Embedded mobile applications building
  • Mobile application development in .Net and Java
  • M-commerce solutions
  • SMS/MMS applications
  • Mobile Content (text, images, audio, & video) Management or Delivery applications
  • Mobile applications with Payment Gateway integration
  • Mobile banking solutions
  • Mobile sales force applications
  • Mobile-enabling enterprise applications
  • Mobile application porting or platform migration

Mobile solutions enhance the productivity and profitability of a business greatly by providing direct access to enterprise data and wiping out futile paperwork. Enterprises prefer the use of smartphone’s and mobiles to stay united and fruitful, both inside and outside the office. Mobile applications have truly redefined the way businesses are conducted today.

The mobility solutions provided by SEOCS, proves to be a turnkey business that helps you make the optimum use of the modern technology to get your business grooving. As we have worked with some of the world’s best enterprises, we very well understand the challenges and complexities involved. Our mobile solutions allow clients to perform business transactions, collaborate with suppliers and a lot more, at touch of their fingertips.

Our wireless solutions provide seamless access to business critical information anywhere, anytime. We build customized mobile applications that are easy to use and facilitate quick data processing.We provide peer-to-peer mobile solutions, such as application middleware, hosting, management and such.

Enterprise Mobile Solutions:

  • Mobile Asset Tracking
  • Mobile Inventory
  • Job tracking & Progress reporting
  • Mobile Material Management
  • Mobile Plant Maintenance
  • Mobile Facility Management
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Compliance
  • Mobile Warehouse Management
  • Audit & Reconciliation
  • Tracking, Pick-up, Put-away
  • Sorting & Distribution
  • Mobile Time & Expense Management
  • Mobile Procurement
  • Mobile Work Flow
  • Mobile Sales Force Automation
  • Mobile Corporate
  • Mobile CRM
  • Mobile Healthcare Solution
  • Mobile Banking Solution

At SEOCS we have successfully provided mobility solutions to our clients for popular mobile platforms including Android, Symbian, iPhone, Blackberry, BREW and Windows Mobile. We have built countless mobile application software for diversified needs of our clients.

Reach out to us today, share your experiences and difficulties with us and give us a chance to improve your experience by making global communications as simple as possible.