Android Application Development

Why the rush for Android application development? The answer is simple, Android with all its amazing features can be adapted to adjust to the needs of users.

Many operating systems have entered the market, but none has been as popular as Android, may be it is the Google effect or something else, however the fact remains, and that is it is so popular today that it occupies 50% of the mobile market. Consider the number of mobile devices in use today and that would be big, so huge that only a simpleton can ignore its magnitude if put to the right use.

SEOCS has been doing Android app development from the time it was first introduced to the market. Till date we have worked on various Android projects varying in requirements, sizes, content and budget. Our years of experience has empowered us to use the power of the platform in a manner as may be enough to please our clients by giving them what they want, that is an application as they wanted.

Our Android App Development

Android App Development

  • Interactive Education apps
  • Social Networking app
  • Entertainment apps
  • Travel, Lifestyle and Sports app
  • Business and Finance apps
  • Health, Fitness and Medical app
  • 2D and 3D android games app
  • Productivity and Utility app
  • News and Magazine app
  • Custom Android app

Benefit SEOCS

  • Economical Android app development
  • Device friendly designing and development
  • Thoroughly tested applications ensuring flawless performance
  • Cross browser compatible development
  • Guaranteed Android Market presence
  • Marketing comes as a package
  • Complete source code rights

Very few Android app development companies can successfully port applications for other platforms to Android. At SEOCS we also provide Android porting services allowing our clients to port their iphone, Windows and Blackberry applications compatible even for the Android platform. Porting for us is not all that difficult and so we have the confidence that we can do it flawlessly.

Demand for Android applications is increasing rapidly, and, there is no way to beat the competition, but to enter the Android app development world. With all our experience, expertise and client focused attitude, we can be client’s best choice for Android programming.