iPhone SDK

iPhone Application Development company

More than 17 million iPhones and 13 million iPod Touches sold more than 30 million. More evident that more than 800,000 downloads of SDK since the end of last year march. Till last, there are 800 million downloads of the 25,000 application.

The SEOCS set the pace in the global to find objective to create a center of excellence in mobile software development. There are over than 50,000 registered developers making iPhone with attractive platform according to Apple’s APIs. The new and handsome abilities in the latest SDK make the platform so more.

The iPhone model 3.0 OS is a free upgrade for iPhone users. It’s still not released in the global level. It be out in the month of June or July, with the model of new generation iPhone. The iPhone 3.0 OS looks an very exciting and attractive. It covers all the gaps of people buzzing about.Dear readers now you have got a real excitements about the features of Apple introduced in 3.0 SDK. so let us start fly to see creative eyes of our iPhone 3.0.