Multimedia Presentation

The world is becoming digital and in this modern age mini CD/DVD-ROM is found to be a valuable sales and marketing device. Our company SEOCS is a top multimedia presentation solution provider. In our comp[any we have flash, Ajax and Graphics designing professionals, well versed in providing a full range of multimedia authoring & interactive Multimedia presentation services, including initial concepts, design, animation,  programming and CD/DVD ROM duplication at special rates that attracts customers.

Our company offers hi-tech approach to multimedia authoring and Multimedia Interactive CD/DVD Presentations, thus providing our customers a chance to present the Products and services, evidence of achievements, key contact details, technological schematics, etc. in a highly attractive and interactive layout.

Our team of multimedia experts have the ability to develop eye-catching Interactive CD/DVD presentation and intensive CD/DVD catalogue. These designs are found to attract your customer’s interest in your product. These experts are well versed in putting your data in static or in a vibrant model on a mini or big CD/DVD. These multimedia presentations are also found to be much useful for electronic signage exhibit, which you can use for any of your functions.

Interactive CD Presentation is preferred to:

Sales Promotion, Sales Presentation, Brand promotion and Brand enhancements with SEOCS: Those Multimedia Interactive sales presentations created by us on CD/DVD help you to give a sales presentation on the desktop or laptop of your customer. This adds temptation to the customer apart from the sales mailing, either as a speaker in sales meeting or as flyer at a trade fair.

Interactive Brochures on CD/DVD at SEOCS: That Interactive CD-ROM Presentation of brochures persuades your customers to know more about the company, its products, & services.

Business Cards sized Mini CD/DVD-ROM: In order to avoid the burden of carrying large CD-ROMs, our expert multimedia artists have created a mini CD/DVD-ROM using the advanced innovation & technological methods. This small business card size CD/DVD-ROM tends to be stunning and much convenient to hand your interactive brochures or presentation to your customers or other important people