Video Promotion Service

You have the play – We present it to the right audience

There is absolutely no use of creating a good play if you are not able to present the video to the right audience. “If you want an audience, start a fight” is an old saying. However, when it comes to online video marketing, the key is not just to gather audience, but to get an audience that would become visitors of your website or potential leads and customers to your business. “Start a fight in front of the right spot” will best suit today’s successful online video marketing.

Your videos distributed to top 25 video submission sites.

  • Good audience base
  • 100% video UPLOAD sites (Not video embedding sites)
  • Sites that accept videos of all categories
  • Includes SEO friendly options

Just 25? Why?

If you search for video submission sites today, you would find 100s of spots where you can distribute your video. We have handpicked the best sites out of it based on several factors. You will not find irrelevant video sites such as or video sites with abusive content in our list.

Distributing same videos- Any Harm?

This has been a big question around us when it come us video submission. Distributing the same video to different video sites is not harm at all. This just works the similar way where same advertisements appear on different channels on conventional television. The concept is to reach maximum audience through the search results and within the video communities as well.

  • Handpicked best videos sites
  • 100% manual video submission
  • Detailed report with login info
  • Live video links in the final report
  • SEO optimized usage of tags and description

How video submission differs with us?

Online video marketers out there often make a mistake of using automated tools to distribute the videos for saving time. Remember that bots cannot successfully post videos to the best video sites. Instead, the bots spam using your video by putting them to the worst video sites where it simple to upload a video. You would never get detailed reports of the distribution with the bots.

Video Site List Includes:

The top 25 video site list that we use includes the most viewed sites such as youtube, vimeo, veoh and As with all the services that we offers, our dedicated research team refreshes the list and keeps it updated.